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  • ” If you have a Loving heart then you can defeat any one on the earth “.
  • ” Love can never be measured. It can never be seen. Yet it is more powerful than any other force “.
  • ” If love is a game then both opponents are its winners “.
  • ” If other’s happiness is more for you than your own. Then you are in Love “.
  • ” No one can live without love. It is like the fish living without water “.
  • ” The first important step in love is to listen each other Carefully “.
  • ” You made me hopeful in my time of disappointment. Now my hope lies inside you “.
  • ” Nowadays my condition is similarly like my dreams. So i can say that i am in love with you “.
  • ” My sweet prince! I Loved you first. Loving you still and for always will “.
  • ” To be your friend was what i need. To be your lover was what i dreamed “.
  • ” I love you for what i am when with you “.
  • ” You are a single person in world. But no one knows that my whole world is inside this single person “.
  • ” You can say everything but your actions are saying a one thing louder then your words “.
  • ” First time I am feeling the feelings of broken heart. These are worse than hell “.
  • ” To fall in love of someone who do not loves you back is not a love. It is a stupidity “.
  • ” True love is like a Haunted place. About which everyone talks but a few one have experience to see it “.
  • ” You have to forget yourself in true love. It is all about sacrifices “.
  • ” True love is a blessing of God. It is not an attribute or talent “.
  • ” I love you similarly like a rabbit loves a carrot “.
  • ” Gravitational force is not the reason for the people falling in love “.
  • ” The bad thing in Love is that it makes everyone a third class poet “.
  • ” The most short Love quote on the earth is ‘Love u’ “.
  • ” My heart beats 4 u “.
  • ” After meeting you i found the meaning  of Love “.
  • ” During Love, you have to listen one sentence of these twos.
    ‘… but I love you ‘. This is the most amazing. ‘ I love you but…’ is the most horrible “.
  • ” Once i found a falling star at night. I wished a true love and found you “.
  • ” It is often said that if you repeat any thing many times then you will lose its value. So I repeated your name daily but it become more costly “.
  • ” Falling in love with the most unexpected person is quite unexpected at unexpected time “.
  • ” If your heart is in your control then give it to that person who deserves it, not to that who plays with it “.
  • ” Never lose your personality while falling in love. As this is one of the most difficult things to do “.
  • ” If you can make me smile without any reason then why should i love you with any reason? “..
  • ” After the failure, if you are still hopeful then you are not failed “.
  • ” The biggest failure is to never learn any thing from the failure “.
  • ” Trying again after the failure is a start with experience “.
  • ” Lets make a decision today. Forget every thing that happened in past. Forgive every one that misbehaved with you. Restart your life again from a new end “.
  • ” You can solve any problem but not the tragedy like unrequited love “.
  • ” Unrequited love exists but people say good bye to it “.
  • ” If you fall in love of that one who is not interested in you then you will definitely found a heartache “.
  • ” It is difficult to forget your lover. So you will remain in touch with unrequited love “.
  • If your love is full of happiness then these are for  you. Smiling and laughing quotes. Share these to your … ;-)
  • ” I do not try to be happy when i am with you. Because i remain happy always when with you “.
  • ” You can love yourself in two cases. One is if you are beautiful. Second is if your behavior is good with others “.
  • ” The God is the only one who loves you more than you love yourself “.
  • ” If you can listen your own voice then you are able to love yourself “.
  • ” Friendship is a very little thing in front of Love “.
  • ” Friendship makes you to spare some of your time for your friend. Love pursues you to spare your all time for who you are loving “.
  • ” A friend is someone who knows every thing about you. But still he loves you “.
  • ” If any love marriage is unsuccessful then there was lack of friendship “.
  • ” If you want  a woman to do everything what you want, then try to make her laugh. This is the first step “..
  • ” Song is a thing which can tell you a sad story happily “.
  • ” If you want to play basketball with good courage then imagine that it is your last match of it “.
    ” I think that basketball is the only thing in my life “.
  • ” Teenager boys love to play football. While Teenager girls love football players.
  • ” If you cannot trust then you cannot love “.
  • ” I do not know I love u or not. But it is true that when i enter in any room or class full of people, there my eyes search you first of all “
  • ” Do you want to stay happy every time? Let me tell you a secret. Don’t hope too much “.
  • ” If you smile when thinking about him / her, then you are in love with him / her “.
  • ” I want to tell you something but I do not know how to tell you “.
  • ” Every father is the first love of his daughter while the first hero of his son “.
  • ” When i enter in home:
    Brother says : How much you earned today?
    Wife Says : How much you spared today?
    Children Say : What you bought for us today?
    While Mother says : How are you? Have you eaten the meal today? “.

Story having Love Quotes

Try not to lose your adoration as a result of a slip of the tongue.

A young lady in affection asked her beau.
Young lady: Speak to me. Who do you adore most in the world?

Kid: You, obviously!

Young lady: In your heart, what is my value ?

The boy started thinking for a minute and looked deeply in her eyes and told ” You are my rib. It was said that God saw that Adam was forlorn, amid his rest, God took one of Adam’s rib and made Eve. Each man has been looking for his missing rib, just when you discover the lady of your life, you’ll no more feel the waiting hurt in your heart”.

After their wedding (with each other) ;) , the couple had a frank and cheerful life for some time.

In any case, the young couple started to float separated because of the bustling timetable of life and the ceaseless stresses of day by day issues, their life got to be unremarkable.

Every one of the difficulties postured by the cruel substances of life started to bite away their fantasies and love for one another. The couple started to have more fights and every squabble turned out to be more warmed.

One day, after the fight, the young lady came up short on the house. At the inverse side of the street, she yelled, “You don’t love me!

The kid abhorred her immaturity and out of drive, countered, “Maybe, it was a mix-up for us to be as one! You were never my missing rib!”

All of a sudden, she turned calm and remained there for quite a while. He lamented what he said yet words talked are similar to discarded water, you can never take it back. With tears, she went home to pack her things and was resolved in separating.

Before she went out of the house, “In case I’m truly not your missing rib, please let me go.” She proceeded with, “It is less difficult along these lines. Release us on our different ways and quest for our own accomplices.”

Five Years Passed…

He never remarried however he had attempted to get some answers concerning her life in a roundabout way. She had left the nation and back. She had hitched an outsider and separated. He felt anguished that she never sat tight for him.

Oblivious and forlorn night, he lit his cigarette and felt the waiting throb in his heart. He couldn’t force himself to concede that he was feeling the loss of her.

One day, they at long last met. At the air terminal, a spot where there were numerous reUNI0Ns and farewells. He was leaving on a business trip. She was remaining there alone, with simply the security entryway isolating them. She grinned at him tenderly.

Boy: How your days are going?

Girl: I am fine. How are you? Have you searched your missing rib?

Boy: No! I did not.

Girl: I will be going to New York in the next flight.

Boy: I will be back after 2 weeks of time. Do Call me when you are back here. You are known to my number. Nothing has changed still. Everything is same like past.

With a heart breaking smile, she turned around and said a good bye.

After one week, he knew about her demise. She had died in New York, in the occasion that stunned the world.

Midnight, at the end of the day, he lit his cigarette. What’s more, as some time recently, he felt the waiting hurt in his heart. He at last knew. She was the missing rib that he had recklessly broken.

At times, individuals say things out of snippets of anger. Regularly than not, the result could be awful and negative. We vent our dissatisfactions 99% at our friends and family. Furthermore, despite the fact that we realize that we should “reconsider and act astutely”, it’s regularly less demanding said than done.

Things happen every day, a large portion of which are outside our ability to control. Let us love each minute and everybody in our lives.

Tomorrow might never come. Give and acknowledge what you have today.

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