The Best Love Quotes for him Collection

This is the best collection of Love quotes for him. This is not only the best, this is the biggest collection. You will find a lot of quotes here. This is our own material. You can dedicate these to your loved one.

  • Cute Love Quotes for Him

These are 5 the best Cute Love Quotes for him. Read and share these cute quotes.

Cute Love Quotes for him

  1. ” I know that i can kiss hundreds of guys. I know what i am. But that kisses are equal to holding your hands for a moment “.
  2. ” Our souls are same and not different. Whatever these are made of “.
  3. “He is cute so he is mine. If any other will touch him i will definitely fight with her “.
  4. ” On every day that place becomes my favorite place where we meet on that day “.
    Cute Love Quotes for him
  5. ” I do not need a prince. I Want such guy who made me to feel that i am his princess “.
  6. ” I want to stand and pass some time in your arms. In your arms when you hold me and do not let me go any where “.
  7. ” One thing you must know that you are the only one for whom i waited for “.
  • Love Quotes for him from the Heart

These are 5 the best love quotes for him from the heart. Read and share with him.

Love Quotes for him from the Heart

  1. ” People say that i am a stone heart. You broke my heart. What about you? “.
  2. ” You are the last thing of my heart every night. It means truly that i Love u “.
  3. ” My heart is the same and old. But it plays brand new beat from the day I started loving you “.
  4. ” You live in my heart. So a long distance can never separate us “.
    Love Quotes for him from the Heart
  5. ” I scared about you because your value is more than any other person. You are that about which i think. You are everything what i need and want “.
  6. ” When first we met, I had no idea that you would become so important for me “.
  7. ” If to love you is wrong, then my heart is not allowing me be right “.
  • Funny Love Quotes for Him

These are also quotes but really funny. 5 the best funny Love quotes for him.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

  1. ” Do not make me laugh now. I am trying to be mental and mad for you “.
  2. ” Every Cell, atom, proton and electrons of my heart are loving you now “.
  3. ” Imagine the limit of my love. I text you always even when playing games ‘.
    Funny Love Quotes for Him
  4. ” You are a Google for me. I found every thing in you “.
  5. ” You know? I am very selfish about you. So i will never share you with anyone else “.
  6. ” My love should be like Baby shampoo. Because they have no more tears formula “.
  7. ” The feelings of love and feelings when waiter is coming with food are same “.
  8. ” Lets take a toss of coin. If there is heads then i am yours. If there is tail then you are mine “.
  • Short Love Quotes for him

These are 5 the best short Love quotes for him. Read and share these. Short and interesting at all.

Funny Love Quotes for Him

  1. ” I Love that we can talk for hours about nothing “.
  2. ” I Love that boy who will start the conversation “.
  3. ” I love many love stories but our love story is now my favorite love story “.
    Funny Love Quotes for Him
  4. ” When i see you, i stop breathing for a moment. It happens every time “.
  5. ” I will love you not for rest of time but the rest of mine “.
  6. ” By holding my hand for a moment, you stolen my heart for forever “.
  7. ” My heart beats one time extra, when you call me by name “.
  • I Love U Quotes for him

These are I Love u quotes. 5 the best I love u quotes.

I Love U Quotes for him

  1. ” I am in love with you. So your happiness matters more for me than my own.
  2. ” I was in search of a knight whose armor should shining. Now I found him in your style and face “.
  3. ” Hey! I am testing my grammar only, so do not be angry. Just tell me that these sentences of mine are right or wrong? I Love u, I Loved you and I Love you forever “.
    I Love U Quotes for him
  4. ” I Love u is not a habit. It is a reminder for u that u are the best for me “.
  5. ” Love is not that how much you are saying i love u. It is that how much you prove it “.
  6. ” I am in love with him because i can see every thing in his eyes whatever i want “.
  7. ” I cannot express my love with you by kissing. Because we cannot kiss each other for life time.

I Love U Quotes for him


  • Beautiful Love Quotes for him

These Love quotes for him are really beautiful. Share these beautiful quotes.

  1. ” I will not care about your love. I will forget your first, second and third if you promise me that I am your last “.
    Beautiful Love Quotes for him
  2. ” I Love these all. His hairs, his voice, his eyes, his laugh and his smile “.
  3. ” The way to feel the importance of love is to feel that time when it will lost “.
  4. ” You are the most especial for me. Thanks for becoming this “.
    Beautiful Love Quotes for him
  5. ” Girls are like abstract painting. You can never understand them but still like their beauty “.
  • Inspirational Love Quotes for him

These quotes are inspirational. Read and share these.

  1. ” Every day i find some thing new to Love you. I do not know what i find but i found it many times “.
    Inspirational Love Quotes for him
  2. ” When ever i am too busy to think about you, i Pause all work to think about you “.
  3. ” If i spent a whole day with you, i missed you the moment when our ‘Meeting’ finished “.
  4. ” As the time will pass the faces will change. The bodies will get old but the heart will remain same. So see the heart of other not the body and face before the love “.
  5. ” I never want to get your whole life. I only want to become the favorite part of it “.

Inspirational Love Quotes for him

  • True Love Quotes for him

These quotes are true. These are True love quotes for him.

  1. ” I do not know where i meet with him. I do not know what i need from him. All what i think is to think about him every time. All what i want to do is to be with him “.
    Inspirational Love Quotes for him
  2. ” Love can never be hidden. Those are not loving each other who are unable to show it “.
  3. ” Don’t believe that guy who says that he loves you. Believe that guy who shows that he Loves you “.
  4. ” I didn’t get a thing. Why i am so happy when i meet with him “.
  5. ” I hold your hands for some moments only. But why you stolen my heart for life time? “.
  6. ” Relationships in beginning was just the relaxation and enjoyment “.
  7. ” I want to pass my rest of life with you. So I want to start this rest life as soon as possible “.

Inspirational Love Quotes for him

  • Relationship Quotes for him

These are four the best relationship quotes for him. Read and share these to your relatives.

  1. ” The True relation ship is where you can tell the truth easily to other person. There are no secrets, no lies and nothing is hidden inside the relationship “.
    Relationship Quotes for him
  2. ” In relationship there is a lot of frankness. You can be idiot and mad in it. A real relationship can never be broken “.
  3. ” A true relationship gives you what you need. If it did not give you that then it is not the true relationship “.
  4. ” If your relationship does not give you your need. Then it will tell you that what is your need “.
  5. ” If someone is encouraging for future.Supporting the present and accepting the past then he is in a true relationship with you “.
  6. ” In the best relationship you can talk about each and every thing easily “.
  7. ” Relationships among two persons are not expected by any one. Usually it start with any unexpected incident “.

Relationship Quotes for him

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