Best Love Quotes for Her – for Girlfriend – for Wife

The best love quotes for her collection. Short Love quotes for girlfriend. Sad, Romantic, deep and true quotes from the heart for her. Love Quotes for her are actually for your Girlfriend. Your Wife is also you friend so you can present these to her also. These quotes are authentic and true. We have arranged a lot of quotes and famous sayings about her. These are short and cute. Some are very very and very beautiful. We hope you will enjoy these. Consider sharing them also if you like these.We had collected all unique quotes. These are not posted at any other site still. If you find anything annoying or not interesting then please do contact us.

Love Quotes for her

  • Short Love Quotes for Her

These Love quotes for her are short. These are simple and lovely. You will enjoy these. Present these to your lover.

  • Life seems interesting after falling in love of you.
  • I fell in love many times but with you only.
  • Before felling in your love, I was unable to know the meaning of love.
  • Your heart is not your. Its mine.
  • May our love live as long as we live.
  • Love is a part of life. It is incomplete without love.
  • Whenever i see your face, a wave of happiness touches my heart.

Love Quotes for her

  • Cute Love Quotes for Her

These Love quotes for her are really cute. You will smile after reading this. Present these to her.

  • It is very difficult to tell you that how much you value for me.
  • I found meaning of these words. Sweetness means your Smile. Beauty means you appearance. Lovely means your voice.
  • You are the most cute person i ever found.
  • That was the most exciting moment of my life. When I found that you are also loving me.
  • Cuteness is a thing that makes your heart relaxed and smiled.
  • I want to stay with you, to talk with you and to love you.
  • Your beauty attracts my heart. Your smile attracts my lips. Your Body attracts my body.
  • So many reasons are there are to love you. Your cute smile, your sweet laugh, your innocence and your kind heart makes me to love you.
  • I want to get lost in your eyes. My force of self-defense finishes in front of your smile. I am going to fall in your love because it is enough now.

Love Quotes for her

  • Sad Love Quotes for Her

As Love brings happiness and relaxation in life. Everyone fells in love. But many love stories end before the finish line. This is really sad. We call it failure of love. So here are some quotes. These are sad and show the impressions of lover and loving persons.

  • My Hands remain idle. My lips remain silent. My heart stops beating. My mouth stops opening. My legs stop to move. My blood stops circulating. These all things happen in your absence or when I leave you.
  • I have nothing to give you. But i promise i will give you a loving heart, a kind smile and joyful moments.
  • I loves you and wished to love you more but what happened? I don’t know something.
  • You didn’t cared about me. You didn’t watched at my loving face. My heart was beating for you. My lips were wishing to kiss you. My arms wanted to hug you. But what you respond? You slapped on my face with your ignorance. You injured my heart. You disappointed my lips and arms.

Love Quotes for her

  • Best Love Quotes for Her

These are some quotes collected by our staff and called as the best. Read these quotes. We hope you will like them. These Love quotes for her are really the best.

  • If anyone will try to write our love story, he will spend his whole life.
  • My Love with you is increasing day by day. Today is more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
  • The Love becomes sharpen in absence.It gets strength in presence.
  • Your child walks without any support. But your wife walks holding you. That is called as Love.
  • Real Love is a collection of care, respect, responsibility and enjoyment.
  • Love Quotes for Her from the Heart

Heart is the main character in every love story. Heart is the main thing who makes you to love. These are some love quotes for her from the heart. Share these with your loved ones.

  • I love you from the heart. I don’t know the meaning of How Much? When? From Where? etc. I Love you. That is all.
  • Our Love is like a journey. It is starting today. It will end at my death.
  • When I site beside you, often i have nothing to do. But still my heart feels a unique type of happiness.
  • I think my heart beats only that time when I see your face.
  • Your way of walk attracted me. I felt in love of you. After these moments you are living in heart and lying on my brain.
  • Romantic Love Quotes for Her

These quotes are romantic and will make your mood. These are able to be presented on special occasions.

  • I was Dreaming from a long long ago. Now I found you and stopped dreaming more.
  • I don’t know how many times I loved You. I know only a thing that my love with you starts from the end at every moment.
  • I saw you smiling and found that this smile is the best in world i have seen ever.
  • You are like an angel for me. I forget everything when i see your face.
  • Do you know? Someone cares you always but you don’t know.
  • People say that angels come from sky and humans can never see them. But i wonder how i see you everyday?
  • Deep Love Quotes for Her

Love is a deep thing. It starts from the heart and ends when the heart beat stops. These wordings have deep meanings. Consider reading them.

  • In Others eyes, you are a single person. But in my eyes you are a complete world.
  • Love between wife and husband is like a scissor. Its pair are often moving joint together. They punish everyone an everything who comes between them.
  • Moon shining in the night reminds me about you. Because it looks similar like your face.
  • Love is not an action or idea. Love is a nature. It lives in hearts of people. It makes attraction between hearts and people.
  • You do not love anyone because of her beauty. You love her that is her beauty.
  • I Love U Quotes for Her

I love u is the first word which tells other that someone is loving her. These quotes are about this word. Read these and share with your loved ones.

  • I Love u. This is a beginning and could be finish also.
  • You don’t know how much I love u. But I expect that one day you will understand it.
  • You will hurt me but I will love u. You will slap me but I will love u. You will misbehave me but I will still love u. I will love you because I love u.

So these were some Love Quotes for her. We hope that you found these interesting. These all quotes are unique and none of these quotes is posted on any other site. But still if you found any thing annoying. Do tell us on contact us page. We will be very thankful to you.

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