Hazrat Ali Quotes

Hazrat Ali is a great scholar of Muslims. He is also fourth Caliph of their caliphate. As their Prophet Muhammad PBUH said ” If I am a city of Knowledge then Ali is its Door “. This quote made Hazrat Ali superior from others. He is also called as Imam Ali. Imam means the Leader. He was called so due to his knowledge, bravery and wisdom. His sayings and Quotes are very famous among Arabs and Asians. Here are some Quotes of Hazrat Ali. Hazrat Ali Quotes about friendship are also given below.

Hazrat Ali Quotes in English

This is a collection of Quotes of Imam Hazrat Ali. These are best for Inspiration and Motivation.

Hazrat Ali Quotes“Death is the biggest guard of Life”.

  1. “Attitude and Way of Speaking reflects the true picture of human”.
    (First Quote tells that if you want to see the true picture of Human then see his behavior with others. Behavior is his attitude and way of speaking.)
  2. “If you are respecting the scholar and learned, then you are respecting the God”.
    (Second Quote of Hazrat Ali says that As everything is made by God. Knowledge of Human is also given by God. So if you respect the learned then you respect the God.)
  3. “Patience is fruit of Faith”.
    (Third Saying states that if you have faith then you would have patience.)
  4. “I Pray when i want to talk to God. I recite the Quran when i want the God to talk to me”.
    (In fourth quote it is explained that you talk to God in prayer. While Allah talks to you in Quran.)
  5. “Death is the biggest guard of Life”.
    (Fifth Quote is the best Quote in my opinion. No one can die before the time of death. So Death guards the life before the time.)
  6. “There are two days in Your Life. One is in your favor. Second is against you. Don’t be pride on your favorite day and show patience on the day which is against you”.
    (Sixth quote is a teaching. We should practice it.)
    Hazrat Ali Quotes
  7. “Never show happiness on someone’s failure. Because you do not know what would be Your Future”.
    (Seventh quote is a deep saying of Hazrat Ali. You can also be failed in your future. So if you will show happiness on any other’s failure then he will also do this on your failure. Morally this is not a good thing.)
  8. “If you are unable to identify the truth then see where the arrows of False are hitting. That is truth where they are hitting”.
    (Eighth quote of Imam Ali is very famous in world. There is a war between right and wrong everywhere. If you can’t find the right side then see which side is being hit by the wrong.)
  9. “People do not change after getting the authority, power and wealth But they are exposed”.
    (Ninth quote tells a rule of Life. People show their real face when they get authority and Power. This is their real face not the change.)
  10. “To hurt anyone is easy as to throw a stone in sea. But no one knows how much depth is gained by that stone in water”.
    (Tenth saying of Hazrat Ali is inspirational. We do not know how much any other is being hurt when you hurt him.)
  11. “This is not the beauty of Life that how much you are happy.  Beauty is that how much people are happy from you”.
    (Eleventh quote is a teaching. Easy to understand. Tells the beauty of Life.)
  12. “Don’t decide anything in anger and Don’t make any promise when you are happy”.
    (Twelfth and last quote tells that if you take a decision in anger then you lose anything. So never do this.)

Hazrat Ali Quotes

Sayings of Hazrat Ali

These Sayings of Hazrat Ali are very motivational. We hope that you have learned a lot of things from these sayings. We are explaining these also. So if you found anything difficult then it would be clear to understand.

Hazrat Ali Quotes

Hazrat Ali Quotes about Friendship

Some Quotes about Friendship are attributed to Hazrat Ali. These quotes are good to learn. So here we are giving these.

  • ” The one who defends you in your absence is your real friend “.
  • ” The one who advises you about your mistakes is your real Friend “.
  • ” The one who supports you in your hard time is your real friend “.
  • ” Friends become the introduction after some time “.

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